My Exhibition “Mesmerizing” at ICR_Vienna (March 31 to May 06, 2022)

It is a pleasure to invite you at my Exhibition at ICR _ Vienna

( Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna)

March 31 – May 06, 2022

• from Monday to Friday

• 10am – 4pm

Argentinierstrasse 39

The image below will guide you on ICR Vienna w-site and you can have some more information about the exhibition and about me … 🔻


My Artworks List ( “click” to see my artwork exhibited at ICR Vienna during “MESMERIZING” Exhibition, March 31 – May 06, 2022)


My “MESMERIZING” Exhibition w-site page

Architect PhD and Visual Artist, I was passionate very early by the relationship between function and form, volume, materials, textures, colors and light.

I have been painting from a very early age. Also I have been fascinated by Sculpture and I’ve had the opportunity to study the subject later in my life in Paris at Glaze & Fire Workshops (Les Ateliers Terre&Feu de Paris) and in Versailles at Versailles School of Fine Arts (Ecole de Beaux Art de Versailles) after finishing my Master degree in Architecture in 2002.

3D spatial Modeling and Video’s editing quickly appeared to me as valuable tools that open-up powerful perspectives. Thus, I was strongly attracted by the idea of a specialization in Computer Graphics and Multimedia, which I followed with the School of Plastic Arts of Paris in France (EAP) and which I finalized in 2006 by my Diploma with the “Very Well” mention.

As an Architect & Designer, my passion for materials, textures, shapes and functionality pushed me towards Interior Design and especially Furniture Design.

I pushed my passion further and in 2015 I finalized my Doctorate Degree in Architecture.

I like to share my knowledge with other passionate people and in September 2007 I joined the University of Architecture and Urban Planning lon Mincu of Bucharest (UAUIM) where I taught until March 2016.

Arrived in New Zealand in April 2016, I have been working to fulfill my dream: dedicate my entire energy and

be a full-time Visual Artist.

In 2021 I moved in Austria where I’m following my artistic journey.

“Mesmerizing” in Vienna 2017-2022

After arriving in New Zealand in April 2016, I have put my entire energy on this “Exploration Art Journey”. By 2020 I have accumulated a variety of oil, acrylic and resin art paintings while I was developing a new sculptural 3D Style on canvas.

During 2017 – 2020 my paintings have become more and more three-dimensional. The shapes have expanded outside of the canvas and I have realized that it will be impossible for me to ignore any longer my important connection with sculpture – a technique I have tried to avoid in the last years due to the difficulty of transporting the sculptures overseas.

Also, in 2020 I had my first 3 exhibitions in New Zealand, in New Plymouth, a welcoming city of art. First at King & Queen Hotel followed by two other exhibitions at KORU Galleries also in New Plymouth. I was preparing a new exhibition in Wellington for the beginning of 2021, but unfortunately I had to cancel because of my and my family departure for Europe.

This Exhibition in Vienna has become a 2017-2022 “cumulative artwork exhibition”. Here, my new 3D Project the Forest” is the first time shown to the public. (My first 3D Project “Little Creatures” has been exhibited in New Zealand at Koru Galleries in New Plymouth during the “September Show 2020” after 3 years of research in my personal 3D technique )

Looking back … I sincerely think that my background in Architecture has helped me and has shaped me to be what I am today.


My Artworks List

( “click” to see my artwork exhibited at ICR Vienna during “MESMERIZING” Exhibition, March 31 – May 06, 2022)

My “MESMERIZING” Exhibition page


ICR VIENNA – Instagram: “Mesmerizing” by Elvira SELISCHI

ICR w-site:

… baby steps … I’m mentioned in the article in a very select company …

Thank you Fay Looney, owner of Koru Galleries in New Plymouth, New Zealand for the opportunity to exhibit in your Gallery.

Thank you “Stuff” for mentioning my name.

It is an honor!

“Dragon Lama” by Elvira Selischi

click” to see the Video on my page …

The “Dragon Lama” is the 3rd in my LITTLE CREATURES series. It will be exhibited until the end of September 2020 at Koru Galleries in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Thank you Fay Looney, heart of Koru Galleries, for the appreciation and support ♥️✨.

“Dragon Lama” by Elvira Selischi

Mixed Media on canvas 30”x30” (762x762mm)


My “Little creatures” série is the result of more then 2 years of research. First, I have been working to find and improve a stable and flexible “formula”. My goal is to make “sculptures on canvas” with a variety of textures, taking benefit of the advantages offered by Mixed Media.


Now, they are part of “SEPTEMBER SHOW” 2020 at Koru Galleries on Devon St. in New Plymouth for one month.

“September Show 2020” at Koru Galleries in New Plymouth NZ _ the “Little CREATURES” serié by Elvira SELISCHI

On Friday, September 4, 2020 a part of my Mixed Media paintings, “The Little Creatures” series, have been exhibited in Koru Galleries on Devon Street in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

My “Little creatures” série is the result of more then 2 years of research. First, I have been working to find and improve a stable and flexible formula …
… see more on this subject on my Page about the Exhibition — (À lire sur)

How to use GOLDEN _ MSA varnish UVLS ?

This varnish can be used to protect Oil paintings, Acrylics, Inks, Watercolors …

❗️It is essential to work in a very well ventilated space !!! and even better !!! wearing a mask (for organic vapors) !!!

❗️ wear nitrile gloves for protect your hands !!!

obs: The space should be dust free !!!

“Click” to see the YouTube presentation …


For detailed product information, see MSA Varnish w/UVLS  Product Information Sheet. For health and safety information, see MSA Varish Safety Data Sheet, and the MSA Solvent Safety Data Sheet

MSA (Mineral Spirit Acrylic) Varnish with UVLS (Gloss, Satin, Matte) is a Mineral Spirit based Acrylic resin system that forms a tougher, less permeable film than water­borne acrylic varnishes and can be applied to acrylic, oil and alkyd painted surfaces. It reduces dirt penetration and surface marring, offering an ex­treme­ly level film with less foam and fewer pin­holes. Available in Gloss, Satin and Matte, it is removable with Mineral Spirits after drying and is recommended for interior or exterior use. Not for use by children. (Item# Gloss – 7730, Satin – 7735, Matte – 7741)

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Acrylic Painting Myth 2: ❌ Acrylic Paint is Non-Toxic

Interesting video about safety working with acrylic paint by the artist David Mkessler .

I’m totally agree with his view on the subject and the video as well as the text are very well and simply explained.

I’ve seen lately a lot of artists working with acrylics and resins complaining about headaches, cough and/or … worth … (the YouTube and even Instagram are full of that)

Let’s do better … and protect ourselves …

It is important and life can be beautiful and worth living when you are healthy ✨


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