About me…

image 6Architect&Artist, I’ve been passionate very early by the relationship between function and form, volume, materials, colors and light.

3D spatial modeling and video’s editing quickly appeared to me as a valuable tools that open-up powerful perspectives. Thus, I was strongly attracted by the idea of ​​a specialization in Computer Graphics and Multimedia, which I followed with the School of Plastic Arts of Paris in France (EAP) and which I finalized in 2006 By my diploma with the mention “Very Well”.

As a designer, my preoccupation for shapes pushed me towards the Interior Design of the houses and the Design of furniture.

I pushed my passion further and in 2015, I finalized my Doctorate Degree in Interior Aeronautic Design.

As a graphic designer, illustration, working with photos and packaging are my favorite fields.

I had wanted to share my knowledge and in September 2007 I joined the University of Architecture and Urban Planning Ion Mincu of Bucharest (UAUIM) where I taught until March 2016.

Arrived in New Zealand, I’m working now to fulfill my dream, my first exhibition in sculpture and painting entitled “The World’s Face”.


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